Mossad chief Meir Dagan just contradicted Israel’s intelligence community by claiming that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon in hand until 2014.  Israelis have been extending this mystical date since the late 1990s, with the most recent scenario of Iran’s readiness to launch a warhead being…2009/10.  We are all either idiots who will readily believe whatever drivel Israel throws our way – or their intelligence is fundamentally and consistently flawed.  Either way, we should no longer be inclined to pay any attention to Israel’s beating of war drums over Iran’s nuclear program.  Hell, I could probably take an educated guess about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear agenda and beat the Israeli intelligence community by a mile.

Dagan’s announcement has placed Israeli PM Benjamin Netahyahu in a bind, however.  The peace-averse Israeli leader was counting on the Iran nuclear threat to divert attention from any real progress toward a two-state solution and his continued support of illegal settlement activity in occupied Palestinian lands.  Now that the head of Mossad has thrown a spanner in the works, what will Netanhayu’s next step be?  There is clearly no impending threat from an Islamic Republic that not only has no nukes in hand, but is also mired in post-election unrest that will necessitate a heavy domestic focus for the forseeable future.  Netanyahu is as cunning as they come, and his next manufactured distraction will undoubtedly be as entertaining as it is false.

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